Dispatch of daily of science and techno玉珑泉有什么好玩的logy (Yan Li of广州fj场汇总广州半套场汇总 reporter Yu Hui’s friendly reporter) deaf gene domain, had newest research positive result again. Reporter from which south university Hunan elegant hospital learns, this courtyard Feng always teachs a group, after afterwards participates in the first mankind of our country own clone to send deaf gene GJB3 to work, discovered new deaf g盈通国际水会是全套 广州盈通国际水会推油ene the 2nd times — ABCC1, in putting forward inner ear first ” outside obstacle of platoon alb广州全套会所广州天河休闲会所全套umen function ” or the conclusion that brings about deaf. This hopeful i海之洲水疗有半套吗广州海之洲有什么服务s those who study transmissibility deaf to send ill mechanism to offer new way, this ach广州宏涛宫扫黄新闻ievement is online a few days ago publish at international magazine ” medical genetics ” . Deaf is one of the commonnest feeling obstacles, the reason such as element of aged, genetic, environment, all likelihood ” participate in ” the happening of deaf develops. Among them, genetic element considers to be taken seriously by industr海珠会所全钟村金桂湾技师金桂湾水会几点营业套广州海珠区全套会所y quite, announce the deaf mechanism that single gene mutation causes, conduce provides means of new treatment of early-warning and research and development for transmissibility deaf patient. The gene that Feng Yong group begins transmissibility deaf for a long time is diagnosed and the element makes research, collected 2000 many deaf early or late genealogical, wha任丘丽池299都包括什么翡翠丽池温泉养生中心门票t appraisal gives a variety o广州水疗粤明广州海珠区粤明桑拿f 20 deaf gene is new the mutation that cause disease. The group studi晶都国际水汇有全套吗钟村品汇水疗有没全套ed ABCC1 gene is in small rat inner ear is conveyed inside the structure such as hemal grain and cochlea axis auditory nerve, outside obtaining this gene to may pass those who participate in material of certain inner ear, discharge, k莎河岛按摩流程莎河岛水会有全套吗eeping blood stray protective screen and inner ear inner ear produce main effect in environmental s广州荔湾区洗浴芳村桑拿洗浴中心哪里好table state. Research puts forward ABCC1 not only is 广州总统御池桑拿红牌天河区岗顶总统大酒店桑拿a new deaf gene, this kind of albumen that the function discharges outside in still putting forward inner ear潇洒皇宫398有什么服务广州潇洒皇宫好不好, be bei盈通国际水会是全套广州盈通国际水会1880ng developed can bring about 广州天河按摩全套广州天河皇庭桑拿全套deaf, abou车陂金沙沐足技师号码车陂 金沙 广州寻欢nded the gene chart of transmissibility deaf.